“Many textbooks, including my own, carefully describe social work and what social workers do. Few of these books, however, capture art and heart required when applying the knowledge, values, and skills of this important profession. Ogden Rogers, in Beginnings, Middles, & Ends: Sideways Stories on the Art & Soul of Social Work, provides a masterful complement to the existing texts. Although usually not labeled as such, in each of his stories a critical value, principle, or guideline for social work practice is illustrated. My thought after reading each story was, “Yes!!! That is what social work is all about.” Further, Rogers’ unabashed enthusiasm for this profession is indeed a welcome addition to the social work literature.”
Bradford W. Sheafor, Ph.D. 
Professor Emeritus, Colorado State University

“As someone near the end of a long career in social work and social work education, I found the stories of Ogden Rogers in his collection, Beginnings. Middles, and Ends, to reflect so much of my own experience that I literally moved back and forth between tears of soulful recognition and laugh-out-loud moments of wonderful remembrances. There is something truthful and powerful about the artist who is willing to put a masterpiece together and leave the telltale signs of failed attempts. Too many who reflect on their past do so to minimize imperfection, setting standards unreachable by others. Ogden Rogers has charted a course of professionalism that encourages creativity, allowing for errors, and guided by honest reflection and dedication to those whom he would serve. This read is a gift to all, whether they are starting or ending their journey of service to others.”
Terry L. Singer, Ph.D., Dean, Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville

“I found the stories humorous, sometimes painful, and incredibly honest and real. There is really nothing else out in our literature that is quite like this.  It reminds me of when we teach the art and science of social work practice—this is the art.”
Jennifer Clements, Ph.D., LCSW, Associate Professor, Shippensburg University

“...a profound piece of creative literature that will reinstill idealism within senior social workers who are on the threshold of being cynical about their work.”
Stephen M. Marson, Ph.D., Professor, University of North Carolina Pembroke

"Beginnings, Middles, and Ends by Ogden W. Rogers is a thought-provoking book about the evolution of the author's career in the field of social work. The real life stories are whimsical as well as enlightening. You follow the yellow brick road of a social work career and feel  the passion and dedication that is required of those who are engaged in the social work profession. What I learned from the various stories in the book is that a dedicated passionate social worker is first and foremost a change agent. Advocacy at all levels is the key to what all effective social workers do in order to promote that 'more perfect union.'  A great read for anyone entering the profession, or if you are involved and feel your passion flickering, this book will surely re-ignite your love."
Mildred "Mit" Joyner, MSW, LCSW
Emerita Director and Professor of Social Work

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

“Recommended reading for new social workers, experienced social workers, friends and families of social workers, and future social workers because of the variety of anecdotal case presentations and personal perceptions. Truly open and honest portrayals of social work and the helping professions with touching, easy-to-read entries fit within the beginning, middle, and ending framework. This book is suggested for both public and academic libraries to support the career services and/or professional development collections.
Rebecca S. Traub, M.L.S., Library Specialist, Temple University Harrisburg 

"The great success of dogs as a species is their capacity to live in a relationship with humans that is centered on ambiguous communication. With the insight and style of opening sentences like this one, a reader can be sure that the book in hand is not generic. In fact, this compilation of 99 wise stories and parables based on over two decades of social work in a variety of settings is virtually sui generisa unique work."
Marshall Toman, Ph.D., Professor, Chair, Department of English
University of Wisconsin—River Falls

"Social workers who need some self care (and that's all of us)—shell out the $20 and get this book. You won't regret it! Even if you don't know Dr. Rogers, you'll get to know him in Beginnings, Middles, and Ends. Entertaining and even a little educational. It's a good read."
Candace Larocque, BSW, LSW 

"A most enjoyable and inspiring reading about life as a social worker."
DorleeM, Social Work Career Development blog

"Seasoned or more experienced social workers will be nodding their heads and smiling while remembering their own beginnings in the field. Social work students will see the book as a wonderful learning opportunity and get an idea of what lies ahead, and those relatively new to the profession will ‘see’ or ‘be’ a mixture of the two."
Victoria Brewster, Social Justice Solutions 

"What emerges from this book is not a How-To guide for best practices but a complex, nuanced and masterful understanding of the 'art and soul' of the helping process. As Rodgers points out, the book meanders “sideways” as the title suggests, with realizations that occur 'in some little (or big) moment in life when you thought you were doing one thing, but you ended up learning another.'  What we learn are not eternal truths but ways of seeing and engaging others that affirm their self-worth and dignity, and the moxey we need for our own ethical and professional survival, in both the mundane and most trying of circumstances.  Every social work student should read this book for the wisdom it will provide them, and every veteran social worker should for the resonant chords it will strike."
Mitchell Kahn, in Journal of Progressive Human Services
Professor Emeritus
Ramapo College of New Jersey

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