Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tears of Soulful Recognition and Laugh-Out-Loud Moments of Wonderful Remembrances--Thoughts on Beginnings, Middles, & Ends

We have just heard from Terry L. Singer, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. He read Beginnings, Middles, & Ends, and he said (in part):

I literally moved back and forth between tears of soulful recognition and laugh-out-loud moments of wonderful remembrances. There is something truthful and powerful about the artist who is willing to put a masterpiece together and leave the telltale signs of failed attempts. Too many who reflect on their past do so to minimize imperfection, setting standards unreachable by others. Ogden Rogers has charted a course of professionalism that encourages creativity, allowing for errors, and guided by honest reflection and dedication to those whom he would serve.

Click on the "Praise" tab to read more comments about Ogden Rogers' collection of stories, poems, and thoughts about life in the profession of social work.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Beginnings, Middles, & Ends -- About the Cover

Here is a glimpse of the front cover of Ogden Rogers' Beginnings, Middles, & Ends: Sideways Stories on the Art & Soul of Social Work. The image of three leaves shows three stages in the life of the leaf...the beginning, middle, & end.  Social work practice (and life) is made up of these same three stages...beginnings, middles, & ends.

The book is available for pre-ordering from the publisher (White Hat Communications) now!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coming soon: Beginnings, Middles, & Ends--Stories of social work worth reading!

Written in the spirit of DAYS IN THE LIVES OF SOCIAL WORKERS, this book is built from the life of the days of a social worker.

Ogden Rogers has written a collection of essays, poems, and other writings about life in social work, and about life in general. It is called BEGINNINGS, MIDDLES, & ENDS: SIDEWAYS STORIES ON THE ART & SOUL OF SOCIAL WORK.

The book is filled with humor and with candid real-life stories of what it's like in the profession of social work.

Here's a short excerpt from the book's Preface:

It’s my hope that some of the things here might make some moment in your thinking or feeling grow as a social worker. If they provoke a smile, or a tear, or a critical question, it’s worth it. Some of the pieces are experiences from my interior and may not seem immediately relevant to your life as a social worker. If you get bored, skip a piece, and read something else.

... I wrote this book for colleagues, social work students and their teachers, and to be very honest, for myself. In the seasons of studying social work, students have to read a lot of textbooks and professional literature. I know, I’ve had to read a lot of those things, and they are good to read...but sometimes, it’s good to take a break and just read something that’s just a little off center and not in APA style! Something to read, well, just for the heck of reading.
This book of a hundred stories reads easily, and the author tells tales that operate at many levels. The stories exemplify role modeling and transformational learning theories, and  readers are encouraged to reflect and consider their own thoughts and reactions to each piece. It's written in an easy, non-linear style that is filled with wit, wisdom, and drama. In many ways, it is a book that looks at social work from the inside out, and seeks to provide the reader with opportunities for validation, surprise, critique, and reading enjoyment.

Ogden W. Rogers, Ph.D., LCSW, ACSW, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Social Work at The University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He has been a clinician, consultant, educator, and storyteller. Read more about him on the About the Author page.

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